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My secret how to brighten photos

Hello Friends,

Many of you ask me how to brighten photos. If you need photos for your blog post, you put your items on white board and took a photo of them and you realise that they are not so bright as you wanted to. Especially during winter time or rainy days, when there isn't much light in interiors, everything is grey or looks dull, how to take bright and full of light photos. My answer is: you can't do it without good light source. But I know some tricks which help you to obtain bright photos.

Here they are.


Try to take as bright photos as you can. So place your items near the window light. It is a great source of light, even during rainy days. But if the weather is real sunny you can cover the window with white sheet or a transparent material. It gives you a little bit of shadow. Your photos won't be over exposed.

But the photo still looks not so good. And yes, the background board is originally white, but it looks grey on photos. :(


You can use apps or programs for brightening photos. My favourite is Adobe Lightroom.

After importing the photo, you can use Auto option (on the right panel) and check how Lightroom automatically choose colours of your photo.

But the colours are still grey and dull.


Move the exposure slider (on the right panel) to the right and you can see how it beautifully lighten the photo. I set up the exposure on +1.00.


Final touches. Move the right panel down to the Tone Curve section. Grab the line and move up or down to correct colours as you wish.


Crop your photo. And that's it.

So it is time for before and after sum up.


I created a PRESENT for you. It is a Lightroom preset, which helps you brighten your photos in just one click.

I'll be sending it via my newsletter on Monday (03/05/18) with a short tutorial how to install it in Lightroom. So if you are not signed up to the newsletter yet and want to get it, you can do it now.

I hope this tutorial was useful for you. Let me know in the comment.

Have a great weekend!