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How to create a Facebook cover which looks good on any device

Hello Friends,

Everybody knows how important is visual marketing, especially on Facebook. So it is important that your Facebook business cover looks good on any device.

"One of the most important (yet often overlooked) aspects of your visual marketing is none other than the good ol’ Facebook cover photo." - Nathaly Myers

I don't know, if you noticed that Facebook doesn't resize the cover photo. I mean, if you add some text to the FB cover, it will be look great on the computer but could not look great on your mobile, because some parts of the photos are not visible on mobile devices. So, how to fix it?


Crop your photo. Recommended sizes for 2018:

Facebook Group Cover Photo: 1,640 × 923 px (16:9 ratio)

Facebook Cover Photo: 1,640 × 859 px ( 1.91:1 ratio)

But I created standard size 851 × 315 px (2.7:1 ratio)

Tutorial: How to crop photos in Lightroom


Add text or logo of your business. Place it rather in the middle. Remember some parts of the photo won't be visible on any devices.


You can polish your FB cover using Facebook cover templates. You can choose from:

1. Clean Facebook Cover Bundle created by by Swiss_cube

2. Rosegold Facebook Cover Pack created by Trendest Studio

3. Light Facebook Cover Templates created by Pink Hexagon


Upload your FB cover, which will be looking good on any device.