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Handwritten fonts for Instagram stories

Hello Friends,

The right fonts can make your story magical but if they aren't right they can ruin everything.


"If you get it right, typography can be incredibly powerful. (...) the right typographic choice always reflects the specific needs of the project itself. These needs are not only aesthetic, but also technical and functional..." - Google Fonts

I'm a big fan of mixing fonts like handwritten with very simple and clean ones. I think they look wonderful together. If someone is watching your Instagram story, you have only few seconds to grab the attention. So the eye catching combination of fonts can leverage the short attention.

All Instagram stories templates, I used in this post, are from AgataCreate. You can buy them on Creative Market here.

My favourite combinations of fonts:

FIRST combination

Tuesday Night + Rewir

The Tuesday Night font you can find here and the Rewir here.

SECOND combination

Reman + Montserrat

The Reman font you can find here and the Montserrat here.

THIRD combination

Riverside Avenue + Lato

The Riverside Avenue font you can find here and the Lato here.

Let me know in comments section which handwritten fonts you like the most. I'm very curious :)