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Crop photos like a Pro to impress your audience


Right crop of the image has an impact on the composition of the photo. And the composition of the image is a very powerful tool, because it helps you to increase the attraction of the image. When the image is right cropped it attracts the eye of the viewer.

"Making the right cuts in your photo can have a drastic impact on the visuals and can even manipulate the way the audience engages with it emotionally." - Vladimir Gendelman

So, how to do this.


Think what you want to present, what is the most important part of your image. For example, I wanted to present the card (in the photo below), so I placed it in the middle of the photo. It catched the eye.

The parts of the image, where the lines intersect are to most powerful. Items should be placed there.


There is no need to place the items, which you want to present the most in the center of the photo. You can place them on the LEFT (I wanted to present calendars, so I cropped the photo that intersection of the lines are on them)

... or on the RIGHT (the intersection point of the lines is placed on card, because I wanted to show it the most).


If you crop the items in the photo, you will boost the imagination of the viewer. The image will be seem more attractive.


The items, which are placed on the right side of the image (specially in the right corner) will catch the eye.


Break the rules and try to find your own style.

That's all. Let me know if this post is helpful for you.

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